CSA Live Webinars

With a total of over 700 registrations from 38 different countries, the response to the CSA’s live webinar series in 2022 was impressive. The webinar recordings were visited over 500 times. his illustrates that the content is also of interest beyond the actual live event and offers added value for the viewers. Another great success was the participation of 15 international presenters. Their expertise and presentations gave the webinars a global perspective and increased the engagement and relevance of the webinars. The following topics were covered in the live webinars:

How do I convert an idea into an RFC?

In their webinar, Jan-Philipp Benecke, Deliverability & Software Engineer of CleverReach, Benjamin Billon, ACID Director of Splio, and Tobias Herkula, Senior Product Owner Mail Security of 1&1 Mail & Media Applications SE, presented two new RFC drafts, as well as their added value for the email ecosystem and the challenges they face. Practical knowledge was shared to overcome these challenges and motivate email enthusiasts to turn their ideas into RFCs and continuously improve email standards.

Domain Reputation: Which metrics really matter and what role does engagement data play?

The success of email campaigns depends on having the right metrics available – both well-known and less well-known. With the changing email landscape and new developments in privacy and security, it’s important to explore the options and trends available, according to Marcel Becker, Senior Director of Product Management at Yahoo, and Al Iverson, Director of Deliverability Products and Services at Kickbox. This webinar focused explicitly on domain reputation and its importance for email marketing.

No Auth – No Entry

This webinar with Elizabeth Zwicky, Antispam and Delivery Architect at Yahoo, focused on the reasons for the moderate adoption of email authentication standards and the implications for the email industry. The discussion covered various authentication standards, their implementation status and the consequences for companies that do not adopt them, both today and in the future.

Don’t just push your deliverability issues to your ESP!

The importance and connection between email marketing best practices and deliverability was highlighted in the expert discussion with Kate Barrett, Founder of eFocus Marketing. It was emphasised that a comprehensive 360° approach to email marketing was required, including reliable branding, effective data collection, appropriate email templates and a sustainable campaign strategy to ensure email deliverability. It was also emphasised that these tasks cannot be delegated to an ESP alone.

Rate limit exceeded – Black Friday without limits!

An important part of email delivery is proper server setup. This includes the constant monitoring and management of the correct connection and throughput settings, which are crucial for the successful delivery of emails, especially on Black Friday. Mailbox providers handle millions and billions of incoming emails and need a reliable setup to handle this volume of emails. This panel webinar with Andrew Bonar, Executive Advisor of Halon, Tam Bond, Head of Messaging Operations of dotdigital, Sidsel Jensen, Architect of Deliverability and Abuse of OpenXchange, and Sebastian Kluth, Technical Lead of the Certified Senders Alliance, provided an in-depth understanding of the topic and requirements from different perspectives to optimise outbound settings for sending platforms.

The Life of an Email

During a live presentation, Steve Atkins, Co-founder and CTO of Word to the Wise, demonstrated the depths of the SMTP protocol in order to explain how emails get from A to B and how they can be sent without common automation and software. Techniques were presented on how to debug mail systems and diagnose delivery problems using the SMTP protocol.