eco Award

In June 2022, eco – Association of the Internet Industry honoured forward-looking Internet companies and their solutions with the eco://awards 2021. Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony was rescheduled from December 2021 to summer 2022. The award ceremony, along with an after-show party, was the highlight of an exciting year for the Internet industry. “The best of the best in the Internet industry were once again competing for the coveted awards”, says Harald A. Summa, Chief Executive Officer of the eco – Association of the Internet Industry. “The award is one of the most prestigious in the Internet industry and is highly regarded within the entire sector.”

A total of five innovations and one outstanding personality were honoured by the eco – Association of the Internet Industry at the eco://awards ceremony. The shortlist of all nominees included visionary and innovative business models. What they all have in common: their market-ready products, services or processes harness the Internet either as a baseline or as an intelligent supplement. “Digitalisation is only successful if we have the courage to develop and implement ideas”, says Oliver Süme, Chair of the Board of the largest Association of the Internet Industry in Europe, adding: “With the eco://awards, we would like to give special recognition to such trend-setting projects.” The nominations and the eco://awards were decided upon by a jury of leading experts from business, science, research and the media. The winners in the six categories were delighted to receive the coveted trophies, which were presented by the laudators at the HARBOUR.Club in Cologne on 23 June.

The award winners:

PlusServer GmbH receives Cloud & Hosting eco://award for pluscloud open
The pluscloud open is an open source cloud and is based entirely on the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS). SCS technology makes data flows and the functioning of the operated infrastructure completely transparent. Customers get improved cloud portability and the ability to implement distributed and federative systems. The Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) is part of the European cloud project Gaia-X, which aims to enable digital independence in Europe.

Green Mountain receives Data Centre Infrastructure eco://award and the Sustainability eco://award
Green Mountain wins two eco://awards prizes, in the Data Centre Infrastructure category and in the Sustainability category. Green Mountain designs, builds and operates highly secure, innovative and sustainable colocation data centres in Norway that are powered by 100 per cent renewable energy and have a DCIM tool with thousands of sensors to monitor and optimise energy efficiency and guarantee 100 per cent uptime from the start.

Green Mountain’s data centres are already powered by 100 per cent renewable electricity and have an industry-leading PUE. Now the company is going one step further with innovative waste heat projects and a circular economy approach, implementing sustainability 2.0 in data centres.

G DATA CyberDefense receives the Security eco://award for BEAST
BEAST provides all-round protection against new and unknown malware with its resource-saving graph-based approach. The basis of the technology is a self-developed, lightweight graph database that runs locally on the client’s computer and records all processes on the computer in a graph database. In this way, the original status that existed before the infiltration can also be restored on the strength of this information.

Leroma GmbH receives the Startups eco://award for the Leroma B2B platform
Leroma is a B2B online platform for food raw materials and combines digitalisation, efficiency and sustainability. The platform builds a bridge between raw material suppliers and food producers, simplifies the procurement of raw materials, and reduces resource waste at the beginning of the value chain. Through the surplus exchange, residual materials are passed on to the same or other industries in a circular economy.

Kim Dressendörfer receives the Ladies in Tech eco://award

Kim Dressendörfer embodies both expertise and project experience and enthusiasm in AI and robotics and is a role model for women in AI. As Technical Solution Leader for Artificial Intelligence and Data at IBM, Kim Dressendörfer focuses on innovation and creativity. On her website “A Woman in AI”, she publishes interviews with women in the field of AI to inspire more women to pursue careers in tech.

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