Within the CEBRA initiative, eco imparts up-to-date and immediately applicable e-business knowledge, and the participants qualify with a Certificate of “Counsellor for E-Business Related Assignments”. The accreditation, participant administration, test administration and certification are processed in cooperation with the Ennepetal Vocational College (Berufskolleg Ennepetal). In addition to the coordination input of Matthias Kurzhals, Head of School Development at the Ennepetal Vocational College, a student assistant supports the administrative processes, as well as the maintenance and further development of the learning platform and learning content. On the one hand, the initiative is geared in particular towards vocational schools or comparable educational institutions who choose to provide their students or participants with up-to-date e-business training. On the other hand, it is also aimed at companies seeking further training for their employees working in e-business-related areas. The practice-oriented CEBRA learning modules enable cloud-based learning over the Moodle server.

Certified e-business knowledge – practical and flexible

Applying a case-study approach, the training offers practical content and places the focus on imparting competence-oriented action strategies for solving real problems encountered in e-business. Having acquired the multi-layered learning, the participants demonstrate their progress in regular online tests and in a final examination. After successfully passing their exam, the participants receive a certificate issued by eco, which certifies their extensive knowledge and skills in the topic of e-business.

In 2022, the CEBRA learning content took place once more primarily in on-site classrooms. Nonetheless, the positive experiences gained by distance learning in schools also led to many CEBRA courses being taught in a blended learning scenario (i.e., a balanced mix of learning online and on-site). Approximately 280 students were certified in the year 2022, with a special highlight being their personal presence at the certificate presentation at the Erich Gutenberg Vocational College in Cologne. When it came to the individual presentations based on the subject knowledge acquired through CEBRA on online shops, the graduates of the higher-level business school classes demonstrated how the course content enables them to develop digital business ideas, to outline business plans, and to even create functional online shops.

In 2022, further enhancements were also made to the content, while users were supported at the two levels of teaching and learning. Teachers were offered training on how to use the platform and support for the first cycle of their courses. A regular exchange with the teachers and contact persons at the schools about processes and content helps in the continuous development of the e-business learning offer. Further information is available at: