Social Media

In 2022, LinkedIn, in particular, emerged as the platform with the greatest potential for extending our eco messages and content formats. This led to the strategic decision to place the focus of eco social media communication even more strongly on this channel. Leading figures from eco and our member companies moved more visually and communicatively into the spotlight.

In addition, we increasingly use facts on socially and politically relevant issues from eco’s own and external studies, as well as from Civey surveys, and have further expanded our employer advocacy activities. In terms of content formats, very good engagement rates were realised, especially through the use of PDF documents and slide shows on LinkedIn.

Strong results on LinkedIn

The number of followers grew positively on all eco social media channels. We recorded the strongest increase in followers on LinkedIn, which entailed an increase of 31 per cent compared to the previous year – Twitter + 0.7 per cent, Facebook +1 per cent. Impressions also continued to increase on LinkedIn – 15 per cent increase over the previous year.

The reach per post and the average engagement rates per post also developed positively. Twitter, on the other hand, showed strong deviations compared to the previous year. The performance of the platform declined overall, also due to the new ownership structure at Twitter and the associated changes.

High relevance on social media: data centres, Gaia-X, LiT – Ladies in Tech and eco highlight events

On the one hand, we achieved outstanding organic performance values by accompanying our eco highlight events such as the Internet Policy Forum in April in Berlin, the eco://awards ceremony in June and the Internet Security Days in September in the form of announcements, teaser formats for interviews, statements by outstanding heads of politics and the Internet industry, as well as live on-site support.

On the other hand, we were able to score thematically in particular through our strong community in the data centre sector with the Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures in Germany, focusing on significant topics such as the waste heat utilisation of data centres. Postings from the Gaia-X context and our #LiT – Ladies in Tech initiative were also particularly relevant.

Expansion of employer advocacy activities

Since our own employees play an increasingly important role in reputation management, especially on social media, we further expanded our employer advocacy activities in 2022. Moreover, even in the B2B sector, people prefer to follow and interact with people rather than companies, and content from personal profiles generally achieves more awareness than content from corporate accounts.

Using the content-recommendation function, eco Association Communications therefore provided eco colleagues with suggested content to share. In addition to the individual one-to-one sessions on LinkedIn that continue to be offered, eco Association Communications 2022 introduced a fixed eco Corporate Influencer section within the eco internal newsletter [eco]mmunity to keep eco employees continuously informed about new formats, features and updates on the algorithm.

Paid Media: Awareness campaign for the Internet Security Days on LinkedIn

In order to further expand our reach on the relevant social media platforms, we started to include paid advertisements in our catalogue of measures in 2022. This year, the Internet Security Days were supported by an awareness campaign on LinkedIn, which achieved 47,669 impressions in the feed of the relevant target group.

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