Mobility Competence Group

In 2022, the Mobility Competence Group (Mobility CG) was able to further establish itself, while the community and the circle of interested and committed member companies also expanded. The central topics of the Competence Group were the generation, storage and use of mobility data for mobility solutions and intelligent mobility concepts, as well as the promotion of sustainable mobility. In addition, the “Mobility Talk” event series was launched in cooperation with the Mobility Data Space.

Mobility Data Space – The basis for more secure data exchange for new mobility solutions

In our webinar “Mobility Data Space – The Basis for Safer Data Exchange for New Mobility Solutions” and the subsequent Q & A session, we discussed data spaces and marketplaces as a prerequisite for data exchange and sharing for mobility solutions together with the Mobility Data Space Project Manager, Dr. Andreas Heindl. Data is the most important resource of our time. In the Mobility Data Space, data will be traded to promote the development of future and forward-looking mobility services. By connecting the mobility industry and sharing data, innovative and intelligent products and services can be created for the mobility of the future.

Sustainable mobility: Innovative solutions, new business models, smart projects

In the hybrid Competence Group meeting on the topic of sustainable mobility, eco, together with the CG Leader Martin Kumstel, engaged in an exchange with various experts. A number of points emerged that are indeed necessary in order to make mobility more sustainable and to achieve the turnaround in transport through increased use of digitalisation. The increasing networking of vehicles and access to traffic and customer data are also creating new business approaches along the value chain. Added to this is a change in the mobility behaviour of users, which has become apparent over the past two years. In addition to innovative approaches to individual transport, this change in mobility requires sustainable services that are easy to book and use.

What will guarantee the success of sustainable mobility in the future is digital infrastructure as the basis for intelligent transport.

“Mobility Talk” Munich: Digitalisation and data use as drivers of sustainable, innovative and multimodal mobility solutions

With exciting developments such as mobility hubs, real labs and other projects, the city of Munich is demonstrating how digitalisation and the use of data can play a central role in transforming transport. On this basis, around 30 experts and decision-makers from business, society and politics discussed possible drivers and concrete measures for the mobility transition at the Mobility Talk in Munich. The event was organised by eco – Association of the Internet Industry together with the Mobility Data Space.

The new series of events will be held in other cities in the future and will be organised in cooperation with the Mobility Data Space.