Networks Competence Group

The Networks Competence Group held two virtual meetings and one on-site meeting in 2022.

On 21 March, a Security Expert Talk was held on the topic of cyberwar. The virtual German-language event was organised as a joint webinar by both the Security Competence Group and the Networks Competence Group.

Dr. Falk von Bornstaedt, Leader of the Networks Competence Group, analysed the changing Internet traffic against the backdrop of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

On 24 May, together with Dr. Falk von Bornstaedt, the Leader of the Competence Group, 24 network experts held discussions on tools and methods for “flow analysis” of Internet traffic. Falk von Bornstaedt commenced with an introductory presentation on the predictive analysis of data traffic flows for intelligent network management in the framework of the PRIMEnet research project.

Following on from this, Jürgen Voss from Exfo GmbH reported on the possibilities of “Topology Adaptive Anomaly Detection”. In their presentation “What the flow”, Christian Dieckhoff and Fiona Weber from Wobcom GmbH addressed different options for the detection and early recognition of DDoS attacks, as well as the visualisation of AS statistics using open source-based tools. In turn, Stephan Schröder from BENOCS GmbH demonstrated how relevant alerts can contribute to a reliable early warning system by means of machine learning algorithms.

On 10 November, the experts of the Networks Competence Group attended an event at Wobcom GmbH in the Nordkopf Tower in Wolfsburg in order to discuss the current status and developments in the fields of sensor technology, Big Data, artificial intelligence and LoRaWan, as well as network management and cybersecurity.

The participants gained an exclusive insight into the “control centre” of the Wolfsburg Smart City. These included insights into the data centre of WOBCOM GmbH, and the fact that the digital infrastructure of Stadtwerke Wolfsburg AG and its subsidiary WOBCOM GmbH has been continually constructed and expanded since 2016.

The meeting was a joint event organised by the Networks and Mobility Competence Groups. The participants were welcomed by Dr. Falk von Bornstaedt, Leader of Networks CG, and Giovanni Coppa, Leader of Mobility CG.