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Finding skilled workers, programming cloud services sustainably and implementing them in a consistently legally-compliant manner – members and their topics are the focus of EuroCloud Deutschland’s initiatives. Whether EuroCloud Native, Channel2Cloud or EuroCloud Next Leaders: 18 new companies joined the association in 2022.

Top hits of EuroCloud Native

Whether it’s to do with data meshes, hacks on software supply chains, IAM solutions or application modernisation in SMEs – EuroCloud Native (ECN) has proven to be EuroCloud Deutschland’s most attractive initiative. Consistent, search engine-optimised content marketing ensures the right amount of attention.

For example, the initiative led by Dr. Nils Kaufmann since mid-2020 has managed to place itself as an organic top hit on Google via the topics of its members: anyone searching for a “cloud native service provider”, for instance, will find the ECN member overview directly from

ISG Pulse Check: CloudNative Study relaunched

In marketing the CloudNative Study from 2022, the initiative applied the same approach as the previous year. Together with the market researchers from ISG, and supported by the members Continum, globaldatanet, Stackable and SysEleven, the ECN reissued the ISG Pulse Check on the status quo of the Cloud Native market in Germany. The results show that the attractiveness of both public cloud-supported development and operating concepts are noticeably increasing.

However, a fundamental paradigm shift is still pending. All of these findings stood at the centre of the public relations work that ECN had implemented together with eco’s Association Communications team. ECN and ISG presented the findings at an online press conference on 27 October, which was widely reported on in German-language media such as IT-Business, Dev-Insider, IT-Daily, Silcon and IT Administrator.

2nd ECN Summit, for the first time with the ECN Award

As in the previous year, the initiative presented the ISG Pulse Check at the ECN Summit. For the second time, members met at their congress organised by EuroCloud Deutschland. The event was hosted by Deepshore in Hamburg. The highlight of the ECN Summit 2022 was the first-ever presentation of the ECN Award.

Companies were invited to apply in the categories of Member of the Year, Best Customer Project, Best Cooperation Project, Female Empowerment and Sustainability. The jury included Emma Wehrwein (GXFS project at eco), Dr. Carlo Velten (Atlantic Ventures), Heiko Henkes (ISG) and Michael Hase (IT-Business).

ECN in conversation: Meet-ups, panel discussions and lectures

The ECN not only helped its members to network in various online meet-ups, but also encouraged conversation and debate in presentations and discussions. The detail concerning why cloud native specialists are the partners for digitalisation, not only for SMEs but also in the channel, was covered by panel discussions at Cloud Expo Europe in May.

This was also the case at the CLOUD NATIVE Conference 2022 of the Vogel IT-Akademie, where Kaufmann moderated a panel discussion with ECN members on cooperations in the system integration market, while Emma Wehrwein of eco received the CLOUD NATIVE ROCKSTARS Award in the “People Award” category for her Gaia-X commitment.

EuroCloud Next Leaders: New initiative led by Benedikt Kisner

At the end of 2022, EuroCloud Next Leaders (ECL), a forum for the IT entrepreneurs of tomorrow, was founded under the umbrella of EuroCloud Germany. As an entrepreneur, the leader of the new initiative, Benedikt Kisner, personally embodies the new generation. He is the co-founder of the medium-sized system integrator group netgo and draws on over 15 years of leadership experience as CEO.

As an executive initiative, the ECL is aimed at the managing directors and entrepreneurs of tomorrow who are ready to take on responsibility in IT SMEs and the digital economy and who are getting ready to further drive the transformation of system integrators, managed service providers, IT consultancies and agencies towards the cloud. The two EuroCloud board members Bernd Krakau and Felix Höger support the work of the ECL and maintain the connection to the association. Thematically, the ECL ties in with existing initiatives: The work of Channel2Cloud will be merged into the ECL.

Focus on Cloud Law with Dr. Jens Eckhardt

Whether webinars or presentations – legal issues remain a magnet for the members of EuroCloud Deutschland. Thus, the Cloud Legal Meet-up as a webinar series on legal topics successfully held its ground in the event year. Board Member Dr. Jens Eckhardt informed the companies on general questions or on special occasions such as the amendment to the transatlantic data protection agreement.

Data economy with Gaia-X

From Catena-X to Marispace-X to GXFS – EuroCloud Deutschland underlined the importance of the cloud for the data economy with Gaia-X in 2022. In (German-language) interviews with industry representatives such as Hartmut Müller from Daimler or scientists such as Barbara Engels from the Institute of the German Economy, EuroCloud Deutschland has positioned itself as a Day 1 member of the Gaia-X Foundation in the topic area.

18 new members in 2022

In the year under review, these 18 companies newly joined the association of the German cloud computing industry: adesso as a service, AlphaEdge Ventures, Ayedo Cloud Solutions, Bechtle Clouds, benchANT, Cloudflight, Cloud Incubator, ECHO,, Groundbreaker, immune, LC by vBoxx (LeitzCloud), MAMEDO IT-Consulting, MCON Germany, OGiTiX, Resility, VS-Apps and Westfalen WIND IT.